We are very glad that you have a bouquet from Flower Lab in your hands! 


Care Memo:

1. Remove the beautiful packaging from the bouquet.

2. Move it from the aquapack to a vase with running cool water, add fertilizer from the bag.

3. Regularly change the water for the flowers and refresh the cut.

4. Keep the flowers away from drafts, direct sunlight, heating devices in a quiet, cool place.

5. Never use scissors to cut flowers, use a cutter or a sharp knife.

6. If you were given a flower arrangement in a special foam , add a little fresh water with a powder from a bag (about 30 ml) once a day.

7. So that you can enjoy beautiful and fragrant flowers for longer, we have put a bag of top dressing for you. With respect and care, the Flower Lab team!

With respect and care, the Flower Lab team!