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Designer Choice Extra large Tall Arrangement

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Color Pallet

Choose Color Palette: White, Boho, Blush or light peach, Sunset

Comes in tall vase 18 in vase approximate arrangement size 25 tall. We offer multiple color pallets as well as two different sizes to choose from; Premium and Ultra Premium. In the Ultra Premium Design we will use more novelty flowers as well as a larger quantity of flowers ranging from; premium AAA Roses, novelty flowers such as ranunculuses and peonies, spray roses, hydrangeas, and many more beautiful flowers. In the Premium Arrangement, we will still use premium flowers but not as many novelty flowers and a smaller volume of flowers creating a beautiful design. 

Great for, To whom you really care about, Birthday, Special events, House / Office Decor / Sympathy

-We need 4 h in advance-