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ZZ Plant

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This plant also known as Zanzibar Gem is available for fast delivery in Arizona . This plant has elegant layered leaves - it is a spectacular plant that can reach 2.5 feet in height. ZZs are a drought-resistant plant and very hardy. Even if you forget to water the plants for a long period of time, the will not wither away. This is an ideal and unpretentious option.  Beautiful and almost indestructible.

Care Instructions 

When in doubt about whether to water or not, err on the dry side.

To water, soak the soil thoroughly and wait for the water to drain through, then empty any excess water sitting in the saucer to avoid root rot. Depending on your room environment, your Zanzibar Gem may only require watering once every 3-4 weeks. Make sure to reduce watering in the cooler months and when it’s growing in a low-light room.