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Desert Oasis

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The desert Oasis is a minimalistic take on the beauty of the desert. Our designer chose the modern, shallow and wide planter constructed in concrete to give it a very minimal high design look for the cacti and succulents. We finish it off with white sand or crystals to finish the design.

The plants change weekly so the succulents/cacti you receive will not always look as pictured. If there were specific succulents or cacti that you wanted, please include that in the notes section. We are able to make these arrangements with all of just one succulent, or cacti. Just let us know

Small: 13" round x 5" high (Pictured)

Medium: 17 1/2" round x 6" high 

Large: 22" round x 8" high

Quick Tips for your Desert Oasis:

 Bright Indirect light is definitely best!

 It will do best in medium-to-lower light conditions also, but may not grow as quickly

 Allow oasis soil to go mostly dry before watering again

 No soggy soil

 When you do water this plant, do so thoroughly before allowing it to dry again.

 These plants do not like to be too wet!